At Starwit Technologies we believe in Open Source software. So you can find all of our projects on Github. As open source is a team sport, pull requests are always appreciated!


AI systems are software systems and combining proven architectures with latest algorithms is our guideline.

We apply AI for detecting and tracking objects in logistics and smart cities.

Automation & Cloud Services

Developing software costs money, running software generates revenue. We are dedicated to run and operate complex software systems on public/private clouds and on-prem.



The ProjectBuilder is an application for saving customized templates and creating your own custom applications and cloud serivces. You can easily save your knowledge as running code.

Starwit Awareness Engine

SAE is Starwit’s first AI product, that can detect and track moving objects. It can derive kinematics and place objects geo-referencable on maps.

Observation Area Configuration

On top of Starwit’s Awareness Engine, this app lets you define areas, for which statistics and movements will be detected and recorded.


Smart Cities & Smart Mobility


Individual Solutions

Founding Team

Starwit was founded by three passionate software engineers. Anett Hübner lead the way and set up Starwit in summer 2022. April first 2023 – no joke – Florian Stanek and Markus Zarbock jumped on board. Since then building an AI driven software stack, that can track moving objects is our mission. Combining latest algorithms by half a dozen university cooperations with a decade of building and running software is our development motto.

Updates & Events

Starwit’s Awarenes Engine (SAE) just got a new feature. Detected and tracked objects can now be mapped to geo-referenceable coordinates. This means, that any detected movement can now be placed on a map. The following video shows an example, of how this feature works. You see […]
Another part of Starwit’s product offering was published as open source. SmartParkingConfig or SPC is a tool, with which one can define observation areas. Those can be send to Starwit’s Awareness Engine and will then start observing how many objects are present in a certain region […]
At this year’s installment of HackHPI Starwit awareness engine (SAE) was used for one challange track. HPI – Hasso-Plattner-Institute does every year a hackathon challange, that provides opportunities for students to work on data and solutions from sponsoring businesses. Within (literal) 24 hours 19 teams worked […]
With #Wolfsburg as home base Starwit builds #AI #software for smarter cities. Strong partners are a vital ingredient for success. So we are proud to be part of #Intel‘s #Liftoff program and have the city of Wolfsburg as a strong supporter. Jens Hofschröer the head of digitization and economic development of the city of […]
Complex software systems, that use AI components are hard to understand and it can be difficult to explain how they work. As those systems are becoming more and more part of everyone’s life, explaining how they work and how they make decisions will be essential, to […]
Intel’s Tony Mongkolsmai did a podcast with Florian and Markus from Starwit and talked about AI, our open source software and how all of that has the potential to revolutionize traffic in smarter cities. Tony does among other things a podcast around latest trends in software […]

Partners & Collaborations